Astral Conversation

You know Vince Mo. He and his content filter through the valley like a carefully crafted season. He celebrates living and thriving here through the lens and spends most of his time adventuring, pursuing both work and play. Vince is a gem, sparkling with enthusiasm and gratitude. He is a gracious artist whose photos are seen all over the world! 

The perfect amount of stoke. 

To celebrate our 15th anniversary here at the Fix, it became clear that I wanted to incorporate a visual element to the storytelling in my poetry this month. Vince graciously obliged and I was 
set. I find endless inspiration from his photography. Thank you, Vince! Happy 15th Anniversary, Fernie Fix and Happy Holidays to you!

Astral Conversations
By Sadie Rosgen, inspired by the photograph entitled, “Milky Way” By Vince Mo

There’s a web of magic that I’ll pass through now, 
hovering above the streets. Illuminated flight tonight, 
saying goodbye to those I meet. 

My arms, 
a waving paintbrush of light 
and you,
a puddle down below.

Unsure of what I’ll become
death, I have succumbed.
Shifting my shape to honor you. Living legacy
and me,
a blur of colour, all around.

I saw you in the midnight sky, like cinders from the fire.
I knew I could gaze up all night, 
my eyes would never tire.

The ash of you,
falling on me: supernatural feeling.

We danced together,
as the lights provided music.
Colors screaming by me,
manifested in technicolor. 
And you, 
moving through me.