April 2023 Astrology

April begins with the Sun in the sign of Aries and is moving in the sky with Chiron, Jupiter, Vesta and Mercury. The asteroid Chiron is both our wound and our gift of healing. When we heal ourself, we may guide another. Chiron has been travelling through Aries since 2018 and will continue until 2027 and it is a time when every person is doing deep healing work. The Sun travelling in the sky with Chiron definitely illuminates this wound for some, and for some of the more advanced, allows the healers to shine. 

Venus and Uranus travel in the sky together in Taurus so expect the unexpected in love. Uranus is electric, quickly changing and definitely has an aspect of surprise to it. Juno and the North node are also in Taurus. 

Mars is travelling through Cancer making everyone’s willpower more about their home environment and giving a bit more care to their own nourishment. Pluto moved into Aquarius last month and Saturn moved into Pisces. Neptune is also in Pisces. 

The full moon occurs just after midnight on April 6. The Sun will be combust (at the same degree as) Chiron and the moon opposes this, sitting at the 16° Aries and 16° Libra, respectfully. This deals with a need to open one’s mind or consciousness to reflection with another, to find emotional balance. The new moon occurs April 19 at 10pm at 29° Aries in conjunction with the North node and Vesta. The 29th degree of Aries is all about harmony and the highest frequencies of existence.

The Sun and Jupiter are the biggest planets and they are both travelling through your sign supporting you on your endeavours. The first three weeks of this month support you to shine and shower you with luck and optimism. Happy birthday.

Venus, your ruling planet is travelling through Taurus this month so it’s a nourishing time for you that is full of love. Both April and May support your energy, and this is felt as good energy in your life. Happy birthday to the early Taureans.

It is a month of getting things done and it will all get done quickly with excess energy left over as the Sun and Jupiter sit in Aries. Enjoy the spring and abundance of life-energy.

Mars sits in your sign this month making your energy extra devoted to nourishment, home, cooking and care. A good time for spring cleaning.

It is a month to shine as the Sun is reborn and the fire energy of Aries supports your energy to feel refreshed and renewed. A spring cleanse allows for health to be optimized.

A positive and refreshing month in the love department. The home environment takes up a lot of your time and care this month. It is recommended to let yourself be more spontaneous.

A month of personal growth and creativity. A good month to kick start a health routine, clean up your immediate environment and let yourself dream and create.

Expect growth and transformation as usual. You are resilient so it is a month where you are pushed to succeed. Focus on your career which is full of good luck.

Beneficial growth may occur in your career this month. Concentrate on your objectives and keep your enthusiastic and jovial attitude. It’s really more about aligning with the energy of what you want.

A month of process, opportunity and personal growth. Good developments in your career are probable this month and forward momentum occurs with ease.

Pushing yourself into new experiences and out of your comfort zone brings innovation, discovery, self-development and knowledge. Neptune and Saturn in Pisces give you spiritual insights and knowledge

Your spirit feels renewed as you focus on your personal relationships this month. A theme between boundaries and sexuality occurs, also between debt and security -choose wisely.