April 2022 Astrology

The zodiac cycle begins with Aries, so April is essentially the first month of the astrological year. With this new year is a major undeniable theme felt both at the collective and individual levels: healing the inner child. 

April begins with a new moon (the sun and moon sit at the same place in the sky - 11ºAries), which is tightly conjunct Mercury (9ºAries), the planet of communication and also Chiron, the wounded healer (12º Aries). Essentially: the wound is being illuminated, felt and finally communicated and this is happening both on the micro and macro level.

Pluto, the planet that rules Scorpio, known as the planet of the underworld, the unseen, the mystical, the darkness, the shamanic planet and power, turns retrograde on April 29 at the end degrees of Capricorn (28º) and will travel in retrograde until October 8. There is a resurfacing of energy that has been dormant for months and expect the unexpected. If you thought something was over, it’s not. 

The Jupiter-Neptune alignment, which takes place every 13 years, also happens this month, and the last time this alignment occurred in the sign of Pisces was 1857. As we all heal, we bring this place into wholeness. 

The month ends with a partial solar eclipse-new moon which will be visible from the southern parts of South America only. It is said eclipses eclipse us: light can be changed and obscured. It can feel dark but it’s not: it’s a time of illusion and blessings.

Happy birthday! It’s a significant month for you as the sun travels in your sign and supports your energy. With Chiron also in your sign, where it’s been for months, the days continue to feel vulnerable. All we can really ever do is show up and do our best.

It’s a turning point in your life. This eclipse will affect you for the next six-12 months and especially your long-range plans, dreams and connection with your community. Trust the process.

Opportunities for change are abundant at this time and specifically in regards to career, fame and publicity of all sorts. A material time -quite literally. 

A time of philosophical, spiritual or cultural inspiration - and this includes sources of “higher learning” such as university courses, languages, ancient texts and classical texts. It’s a time to explore.

Imagination is expanded and the creative juices flow. Finances and investments, including inheritances may be of importance this month. A new cycle of spirituality and healing.

A month where your partner is most important. This includes romantic partner, best friend, business partner. Basically, your energy is about the ‘other’ this month. A time of true service.

Partnership is your dominant theme this month. Discuss finances. Discuss-period. Take time to know what is important for your needs, wants, wishes before meeting at the table.

Romance is blossoming in your life. A paradigm shift is happening at the micro and macro levels, and it’s truly a once in a lifetime level of love on earth.

Home and family take centre-stage this month. It’s also a great time to remodel the home or invest in real estate.

Creativity abounds in your house of communication: speaking, writing, singing, poetry - all excellent outlets to utilize the intensity you might feel this month.

A significant month that impacts the rest of the year. It’s an idealistic and hopeful time. It’s also a rebellious time. It’s important for you to remain grounded in your financial sphere.

Venus and Mars are still travelling through your sign this month, supporting you. It’s going to very much feel like travelling through the birth canal: unknown. Expect a feeling of rejuvenation towards the end of the month. There is a light at the end of the tunnel.