April 2021 Astrology

April marks the month of initiation, with communication from the heart as the major theme. It marks a new solar cycle and a refreshing time of growth and momentum. Aries is the first energy of the Zodiac and paralleled to the “big boom” of this Universe.

The sun moves in the sky with Venus and Mercury, creating a theme of love on Earth with communication being paramount. Now is a good time to tell people how much you love them. 

The new moon in Aries occurs April 11  (9 pm), putting the stake into this period of initiation. The sun and moon sit at a place in the zodiac that speaks of immediate manifestation potential and a time of joy. The energy you exude right now means everything. Like Peter Pan says, think of your happy thought and keep it with you. Hold onto it and exude that energy. The frequency of Earth measured by the Schumann Resonance is spiking to new levels.

Venus moves into sultry Taurus April 14 and life will feel good, moving slowly with enjoyment. Venus in Taurus is about the basics: sleep enough, eat enough, and be comfortable first. Both Mercury and the sun move into Taurus April 19 so the last half of April is a very slow, feminine time. Spring has Sprung! Align with this energy.

Mars moves into Cancer April 23 and changes the initiatory energy to that of nurture and nourish for the following month. April 26 (10pm) brings a full moon with the sun conjunct Uranus, with Venus in tight conjunction with Mercury, all traveling in the sky together, opposite the moon. Uranus is the planet that rules Aquarius energy, known as “the planet of surprise” so expect the unexpected by the end of the month and definitely major communications of love language. Deep emotional feelings may rise.

Blessed birthday to you. There’s a powerful way right now, with the planets supporting love on earth. Quick momentum and initiation for the first two weeks of this month are especially aligned with you. Go only in the route that aligns with your heart. 

Happy birthday. The beginning of the month is a pioneering time for you, perhaps even vulnerable. It will feel more secure mid-month. Home life is a major theme and spring cleaning, cooking and maybe even planting seedlings.

Mars moves out of Gemini April 23, so the first three weeks of April are still very much aligned to your energy. Use this time to align your life in the way you want it to be. The eclipse energy of 2020 still supports you to make great changes in your life and energy.

It’s an uplifting month for everyone and Earth frequency is increasing. Attune to the energy and be outside as much as possible. Do the spring cleaning and everything that refreshes your spirit. Speak from your heart to allow people to finally understand you.

Love is your entire theme this month. Even though the sun travels through Aries, the sun is your ruling planet and it is moving in the sky with Venus and Mercury (and Uranus by the end of the month): love, communication and surprise. Trust the journey.

It’s a bright and energetic month for you, and lots can happen in the first three weeks. Virgos have a strong suite in communication so use this superpower this month. Communication from your heart will get you farther than expected.

It’s not a time of balance. It’s legitimately a time of change that will go down into the history books. Let go of trying to find any balance and simply follow your heart. Let yourself move to new territory.

This is the month of your phoenix rising: your manifestation and spiritual rebirth. The Scorpio full moon of April 26 illuminates the deepest recesses of your subconscious and only light persists once the dark has been illuminated. Keep a candle lit this month.

Stay in the light of truth. Earthlings are learning how powerful the thoughts and mind are: energy as real as anything in the “physical” world, so choose them wisely. Do not forget that you have powerful forces working with you from 2020’s eclipse portal so be positive. 

The shield of your heart is being broken down so that the strength of your sternness develops into a stronger form of vulnerable love. Do what needs to be done and say what needs to be said, with your heart open and vulnerable. Connection is accomplished.

The sun is supporting you this month as the themes of late January/early February are manifest. It may feel like an illusion but it’s not. New territory of experience is exciting!

Welcome to your rebirth!