April 2020 Astrology

The Astrological New Year begins as the Sun moves into Aries to create the new Zodiac cycle. For the new Zodiac year, I have decided to put up monthly teachings for those who truly care to learn about the language of Astrology at mountainashmedicine.com.

Astrology of April

Venus travels through Gemini all month making love feel easy and airy. Venus in Gemini loves to socialize while learning lots of details. This greatly contrasts the energy of the heavyweight planets (Pluto, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars) travelling through the true weighted energy of the Zodiac: Capricorn. Capricorn energy has been the theme for several months now: discipline, tradition, restriction, sternness, boundaries. Politically, Canada has been held accountable with regard to Indigenous issues. The blockades of the railways symbolize this. We are seeing huge global restrictions in the population with Corona Virus. This is all description of the way themes in astrology affect us on Earth. How is this theme manifesting in your life?

Mars travels through Aquarius all month signifying knowledge as a theme in most people’s life. It’s a good month to study and go back to school or gain more knowledge in your arena of interest. Define yourself this month. Are you living the life you want?

April 7 brings a Libra full moon with a great balance act: those who have done wrong will face the consequences. Spiritual Law is working itself on Earth right now. The focus seems to be on elevating humanity’s level of consciousness to give higher awareness and viewpoints.

April 22 is the dark moon —> new moon. Spring Time is naturally yin and feminine and represented by the energy of Taurus, grounded and Earthly life. The energy of this new moon is truly a bloom of new energy and brings our beautiful Spring to its natural fulfilment and the birth of life. This natural electrical energy is like that of a pure mountain stream that fertilizes the soil and brings us clover, a medicine of the feminine. 

Themes from the middle-end of January will be revisited the first two weeks of April as Mercury, the planet of thought and communication revisits. Pluto begins its annual retrograde on April 24 and will travel backwards in the Zodiac until October 3.

Happy birthday Aries. There is great energy this month of transcendent security and reliance on tradition. Find out your stories, ask your parents, your grandparents. Learn about yourself. It’s important: this is your identity.

The Sun enters Taurus on April 19 this year. A very happy birthday to you beautiful bull. You have a lot to teach by just being your own energy: grounded and stabilized with the Earth. Keep being you, you might not realize how much you help balance people.

Love is in the air. Spring brings a fresh outlook, fresh growth. True revival. A special theme of reorientation is also occurring for many, especially for you.

Set up your hammock and go work outside. It’s another balancing month of finding a happy place with work and home life and supporting others while nurturing self. These themes balanced bring true inner fulfilment.

A message of faith while life feels to be in a probation period brings the serene adjustment required for transitioning of times. Allow your mind to elevate to see from a high level while new steps are taken. Peace within begins within.

Your intuition is particularly high this month as the hidden creative spirit speaks in different ways. A lot can be learned when we slow down and simply listen. Follow your instincts.

The abundance of Spring is revitalizing. Spend as much time outside as you can breathing in all the fresh energy. Exalt in your ability to make conscious decisions from your truth so that you can form an allegiance with your life goals.

Manifestation is strong. Renew your visions and remember your truth. It is easy to be weighed down but it only takes some time in meditation to rise above. Release any heavy burdens you may feel to God, they are not yours to carry.

This transition time is supported by high council and there is a transcendent security within these times. Spiritual Law is something your soul is an archer for, this is the ultimate truth. Watch the way Great Spirit balances earth. Humanity has a lot to learn.

You do know a lot but always remember the greatest teaching of humility. You are the energy of an Elder and definitely stoic however you too have aspects to learn. Exude the energy you truly wish to manifest in the outside world. Love, joy, and happiness come from you first.

The hidden creative spirit is all around you and within you and often the best ways to teach is through song, dance and other forms of art. Perhaps this is the round of the Zodiac to show these parts of yourself: people love your eclectic nature. Bring out your fun colours.

The great cosmic serpent eats its own tail and this is the cycle of Samsāra. Those that are beyond this and have grasped this cosmic serpent and hold the knowledge while living on Earth gain immortality. This is Brahman.