April 2019 Astrology

We begin April with a new moon in Aries on April 5 which is also known as the Goddess Moon as it forms almost a perfect horizontal crescent and is considered the beginning of the New Astrological Year. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and it is full of fire and zest. An independent warrior that thinks before acting, has all the courage and energy paralleled to The Big Bang. This particular New moon will be especially powerful and is a great energy for initiating anything new.

The full moon occurs on April 19 and partnerships will be intense. It’s very much an energy of You vs. Me and there is a lot of ME. Thank goodness there is still a lot of Pisces energy calming the fire however with the Sun so close to Uranus and the Moon Full, it can be and feel LOUD, so stay kind.

Three of the important planets go retrograde this month: Jupiter retrogrades in Sagittarius April 10-August 11. Pluto retrogrades in Capricorn April 24-October 3 and Saturn also retrogrades in Capricorn April 30- September 18. Retrogrades are a time that we revisit the past, spend more time with ourselves internally while also internalizing our exterior environment. Retrogrades typically make times feel slower and momentum seems null. This will especially happen in the individual charts where these planets are transiting and where they sit in the natal chart. Astrology at this level gets much more complicated so if interested, visit mountainashmedicine.com for more information.

Happy birthday. You’ll feel very much in your groove for the first three weeks of the month however Pluto and Saturn stationing to go retrograde may feel frustrating for you and you’ll have to just learn to be patient with the next few months of retrograde slowness.

A very happy birthday! With three of the major planets also going retrograde this month, one of two things will happen: you will either find a huge relief in the slowness or you will feel so slowed that you might feel ‘stuck in mud.’ This will depend on your individual natal energy. I suggest some good hydrotherapy.

This is another month where romance and partnership are strengthened for you. In particular, romantic relationships feel more unionized and stable. Your instincts and empathy are also heightened this month.

The retrograde of two very intense and strong planets into your opposite sign of Capricorn will affect you in the months to come. There will be a strong pull between home and work and the themes of nurturing and work-grind need to be addressed. Pluto will teach deep inner transformation while Saturn teaches disciplined organization and integrity.

April brings another month of abundance, especially in Health, Wealth and Career. You might find yourself fiery and robust until the last week of April when the planets retrograde and slow all aspects on Earth. Jupiters retrograde activity will turn your energy inwards and spirituality and philosophy will become intriguing.

There is nothing too noticeable until mid-month when the Sun travels close to Uranus and you may find your analytical mind won’t stop. This can create anxiety, meditation is suggested. Perfection is beautiful, when it’s aligned it happens, there is an energy of releasing control to create this alignment which is a divine balance.

Be careful with your health and energy this month. There’s a lot of different energies out there for you to try to balance and at least the Pisces energy which is ethereal and mystical is helping the fire of Aries however it feels like wide oscillations for you which can wear you down.

Financial achievements and your work environment are continuing to roll forward and create abundance in your life. All Scorpios had a rough go the past three years. It’s such a relief to see the seeds you planted years ago starting to sprout! Happy Spring.

Your internal environment and spiritual and philosophical sectors of interest will be the highlight for the next few months. You are the divine archer of truth and expect some major spiritual truths to unveil themselves to your over the next four months.

Pluto and Saturn retrograding into your sign will give you some deep inner transformation that might feel intense. Your connection to Home and Work is again the highlight this month. Discipline, organization, and integrity come naturally to you however we are still learning and Pluto and Saturn are speaking to you: listen.

Black Lilith, the dark shadow of the moon is sitting in Aquarius all month and your shadow side might be extra apparent or extra dark. Are you paying attention? Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn retrograding might bring some ‘a-ha’ moments to the surface about this energy.

The Pisces Party of March was so lovely! We all soaked it up. It felt dream-like and ethereal, just like you do. The transition to Aries is a whole other land… of faced pace, assertive fire. The magic feels like it disappears a little bit but one aligned so closely with the divine always holds space. Stay you Pisces, exactly you.