And the Women

The worst form of inequality is to try and make unequal things equal.

Equality implies individuality.
-Trey Anastasio

All who have died are equal.
-Comanche horseman

As I continue to celebrate women while recognizing the theme of equality this month, I am reminded that none of us are created equal. We all possess varied strengths and weaknesses, the driving elements of who we are, changing all the time. I wanted to ask some of the women in my life, “what is the best part about being a woman?”

Carefully crafting their vulnerabilities and observations, I created this poem. Thank you for your heartfelt contributions. 

And the Women
by Sadie Rosgen

I pluck my feelings from the laundry pile and shake them out.
I navigate hardship with compassion, as I sort the clothes that suit my fashion.

Leaving my thoughts and desires outside,
looking deeply,
I find my intuition blooming.

Making space,
for moments of grace,
for finding my seat at the table, 
voiced strongly and able.


I am witchcraft and mysticism. 
Climbing the mountain alone, 
surrounded by
childhood and adulthood,
all while trying to survive in my ‘hood.

Feeding from the body of woman,
feasting on the Earth.
This mortal vessel as housing,
crowning as queen
setting the scene for the instant camaraderie
that comes from a ladies’ room.