All the Beanz

“A dog is love’s purest shadow.” 
-Angie Weiland-Crosby

Growing up, I always had a dog. Always black with a bit of white. Always a border collie cross of some kind. When I left home to study,  I promised myself I would get another dog when I was ready. Fast forward to 29 year-old-Sadie living in Nova Scotia, now married. I was ready. 

We found our dog, Beanz (I assured my husband that if he was going to name the pets, I was naming the kids) in a small town on the south shore of the province and from there our little family began. We loved that animal with everything inside of us. When our first son came along, I’ll never forget the look on little Beanz’ face, his eyes bulging out in disbelief. He too was paralyzed by the responsibility of it all. 

Our sweet Beanz would defend us to no end, be our fur-st little one, and see more of Canada than most Canadians! He was loved by so many and heard by all. 

All the Beanz by Sadie Rosgen
It was a call to action;
newly minted couple enshrined by chaos: a training camp for parenthood.

are WE really the ones responsible for this little pup?
our fur-st baby…

wagging your way through life,
finding joy in everything,
distinguished in your black and white fur tux, feeling soft, looking lux.

always the doorbell,
always the protector,
always the manifestation of unconditional love.

growing hearts all around,
Beanz measured the scope of our love and affection, prepared us for our need to nurture and care.

found for each other,