Alexandra Kozak

I am a multi-media artist focused on portraying the essence of Fernie’s natural spaces. I love to depict movement and states of flux. The seasonal changes in Fernie provide a constant inspiration with every week more beautiful than the last, in its own unique way.

I spent the summers of my childhood backpacking in the Albertan Rockies. This passion culminated in an 11-day backpacking trip through the Ya Ha Tinda, providing me with a deep connection to Mother Earth which I’ve carried ever since. During the winters, I was a child in Fernie’s earthly playground. My love of skiing encouraged me to study design, as a life-long dream of mine is to make art for skis, surfboards etc. While I was studying illustration and animation at the Alberta University of the Arts, I spent my summers working here. I found myself spending most of my free time painting outdoors. During university I empowered myself with a strong foundation in the arts. Design taught me to distill information to an essence, which has guided my fine art practice. My studies in animation bring movement and vitality to my work.

Since moving on from the digital lifestyle of design school, I have been interested in creating analog art. As I explored this peaceful town and looked brightly towards my future, I was yet again drawn to portray the essence of nature. Now I work as a devoted landscape painter. Painting outdoors (en Plein Air) is my passion, and I’m in the wilderness working as often as possible. I love to combine my love of hiking and art in a meditative union focused on observing nature.

I have also been developing a graphic novel set in Fernie, which I hope to get published someday. Fernie is a wellspring of ideas for me, and I find Coal Creek especially magical with its fascinating history and secluded waterfall. Fernie is ripe with an endless bounty of inspiring subjects from the way the sun shines over the river to fresh flowers of the mountain market in the summer. Fernie is also flush with opportunity and inspiring people. From galleries to guilds to markets, there are so many ways to evolve and engage with the community, which inspires me to persist. I believe this is a town where one can live their dream. Fernie replaces competition with community.

After I completed my first collection of fine art, I noticed bare space on the walls of a thriving restaurant. The owner’s of The Loaf were gracious enough to host my art. It was wonderful to receive feedback and get local eyes on my work. I sold a painting of Matheson Falls to a lovely couple who got engaged there. I love how potent and sentimental landscape painting can be in Fernie because everyone spends time outdoors.

In the future I hope to be a part of the creative spirit that revitalizes Fernie after the Coronavirus plays out. With the crisis comes another chance to focus on art and prepare to burst out like a butterfly when the time is right. It’s exciting because we get to rebuild our town from the ground up, with a foundation in gratitude.

Studying Fernie’s scenery is a mindful and fulfilling practice, and by unifying art and nature I am satisfied to no end.

You can find my work on Instagram(@Moss_Fae) and Facebook(Alexandra Kozak Art).