Aidan Jones

My passion for photography is something that is rooted in my upbringing, as my mom is the one who unintentionally got me into photography. Photography is something she was always keen on; she has a very artistic eye, and she loves taking photos of wildlife. As a kid, I used to play with my mom’s cameras and take photos of pretty much anything I could. I’m sure she thoroughly enjoyed me using up all her film.

My parents wouldn’t have guessed that this interest would have resulted in a career for me though, as I had another passion that directed my life for many years: biking. From a very young age, I was hooked on all things that had two wheels, and I chased biking single-track dirt across the globe. But little did I know at the time, my obsession with bikes was also fueling my creative passion. I loved looking at the photos in magazines or watching the latest edits that would come out, and I wanted to be part of that world. I began getting involved in shoots with photographers, though I did this from the air as an athlete, jumping my bike at any opportunity I had to be in front of the lens. After a while, I picked up one of my mom’s old cameras again and began taking photos of other bikers, friends, and anything that interested me, which at the time was mostly dogs, landscapes, and more bikers. 

Pretty soon I found myself shooting at a more professional level. I took photos for ski operations and at bike events, and I assisted other photographers/videographers with their work, which helped hone my skills and further develop my artistic style. I soon started my own business, Dex Dog Media, which was primarily focused on biking and skiing photography and videography. As I dabbled with this as a career, I found myself moving away from a pure sports focus to other avenues in photography. 

I began shooting more and more couples and family photos, as well as shooting a few weddings, and I ended up starting a second business, Aidan Jones Photography, which focuses more on people, relationships, and important moments in time. While I love taking photos of people getting rad, I also love to take photos of the human experience that show emotion and hint at a hidden story.

Photography has been a fun evolution for me, and it’s really cool seeing how my different passions have all fed into one another in ways that I wouldn’t have guessed. Having been in front of a camera both on a bike and on skis has given me a lot of great perspective, allowing me to know how to best capture the mountain sports that I cover. More than that though, I’ve both worked on and ridden a lot of trails in this valley, which has given me a great catalogue of amazing locations to shoot. While out riding, I will often notice a perfect patch of grass that would be 
lit beautifully at sunset or an opening in the trees that is framed perfectly for an amazing shot.

It was never a career I had planned on, but I am very happy I ended up on this path. 

Part of what led me down this path is this valley, with a beautiful natural landscape that I am so fortunate to capture and call home, along with the people that live here. If it wasn’t for the people that have helped me learn, given me opportunities to succeed, and believed in me, I wouldn’t be turning my passion into a career, which is a pretty exciting thing to do. 

To learn more about Aidan and to view his photography, visit or on social media @aidanjonesphotography