“Inside a Year” and “This Year is Going to Be Different”

“Inside A Year”

I pace the labyrinth of this young year

I am transfixed
a captive audience to my astonishment

a suspended piece of flesh floating fervently past the wide open doorway inside my mind where I find the words


an explanation for the beginning

the construction zone in the home I call my body
my mind
seeming all the time to be a work of art
a smart start to a stronger renter
an inspired mentor
a palace where love is in power
and all the other parts clamor in its favor

waiting for you
is your hungry majesty

Amy and I live in the same ‘hood. She always has a warm hello and kindness to share. As she revealed herself as a passionate writer, inspired speaker, and lover of all things artistic, it only made sense for us to join forces for this month’s issue.

Amy and I tackled some big feelings and had some even bigger laughs. I didn’t just like working with my creative neighbour – I loved it.

“This Year Is Going To Be Different”
By Amy Attalla

I hear Madonna spinning on the record player
I see neon plastic crowns
cheap little New Years sunglasses
and all I want to do is eat the leftover Christmas cookies that sit on top of the fridge

so I am staying up late and sleeping in the next day with my
chapped lips
ski goals
and new clothes

I am in charge

this is a NEW year

bring on
the biking
the reading
the decorating
the taking care of my sister because I’m responsible

I have new goals

this year is going to be different