Tenth Annual Fernie Banner Project Launch this April!

Spring has sprung and the banners are hung!

Spring is here and the Arts Station is excited to announce the artists chosen for the Tenth Annual Banner Launch! Taking place on Thursday, April 25 at 7pm in the The Arts Station, the big reveal certainly doesn’t strain the eye. This year artists entered dozens and dozens of different pieces making it very difficult for the team of adjudicators to narrow it down to just 34. But it has been done!

From painting, quilting, photography, pottery and glass, the artists and their mediums know no bounds. The Banner Project highlights the diversity in all of the Elk Valley artists. The variety and depth of the artists deserve to be celebrated and the Banner Project accomplishes just that making its tenth year one of its most successful yet.

The completed banners will be displayed at The Arts Station on Thursday, April 25 at 7pm before being hung along Victoria Avenue in downtown Fernie. During this time, the choice to sponsor a banner will be yours for just $100. After being on display for one year on Victoria Avenue then another year lining the highway, the banner is yours! Although, this project is possible thanks to the City of Fernie and the Fernie Arts Council who underpin the project, sponsorship from the community make the project sustainable.

Spectators and interested sponsors alike are welcome to view all of the banners during the Launch but, if something strikes your fancy and you are interested in a banner, you need to act quickly. Banners are a hot commodity and are fantastic attributes to any yard or garden.

After much deliberation, here are the chosen artists that made the cut for 2013!

Baturin, Florence
Breeze, Summer
Ciupa, Pamm
Clark, Alicia
DeBoon, Marla
Fowler, Graham
Gagne, Alison
Gris, Dryden
Higgins, Tara
Holmes, Kerri
Holst, Lisa
Hula, Justin
Kolesar, Slavka
Lemire, Marie Claude
Livsey. Linda
Macvoy, Melanie
Markle, Patrick
McAllister, Helen
Menduk, Mary
Miller, Donna
Moore, Pat
Morgan, Angela
Nelson, Laura
O’Haire, Dave
Platt, Clyde
Pratt, MaKenzy
Rogers, Stephanie
Russell, Katherine
Schenk, Brina
Sheppard, Donna
Sims, Karen
Stevens, Heidi
Stothert, Leanne
Webster, Ilona

For more information contact Courtney Baker at 423-4842 or Donna Miller at 423-6792.