Sandbags Available in Fernie, BC as Elk River Continues to Rise

Photo by Jesse Bell from June, 2013

With the potential for seasonal spring flooding, the City of Fernie is encouraging residents in flood prone areas to be proactive and take steps now to protect their homes and properties if they feel they may be at risk.

The City has set up a self-filling sandbagging station outside of the Public Works Yard located at 1492 Railway Avenue so that residents can fill as many bags as they feel they need. Please bring your own shovel, ties and any additional supplies you may need to fill the bags and transport them. Please note that bags should only be filled half full as they become heavy and difficult to lift and place.

Additional information on the current flood situation and sandbagging can be located on EMBC's website at:

It is also important to actively monitor weather forecasts as warnings may be announced. Please monitor the latest weather forecasts and warnings from Environment Canada at