Polar Peek Books Celebrates its 4th Annual Independts' Booksellers Day

Independent bookstores across Canada are hosting promotional events on Saturday, October 13 to celebrate Independents’ Day and Fernie's Polar Peek Books is one among the hundreds opening its doors to local authors, publishers, dignitaries and readers. Activities run from 1-4pm and include an in store sale, draws, prizes, cake, a children's treasure hunt and more.

“Celebrating Independents' Day is our way of saying how much we appreciate our loyal and faithful customers for shopping here and supporting our local bookstore. Its our way of giving back to our customers and to encourage them to continue shopping local as it supports much more than our store, but is an important growing movement across Canada,” says Patty Reedyk, owner of Polar Peek Books.

This marketing drive champions the cultural and economic contributions made by long-established and new generation independent booksellers operating in many Canadian communities. Customer-focused, commercially-savvy and digitally-aware, independent booksellers are carving an invaluable niche for themselves in their local communities, despite trying economic times and increased competition.