Mount Proctor Trails in Jeopardy - Fernie, BC

There have been some concerns raised by the legal land use of the Mount Proctor Trails (Swine Flu, Mad Cow, Far Side, etc...).

There are NO DOGS allowed on these trails within the Cattle Guard/Fence. All fences must be left as is (i.e. close it if you open it) and not damaged.

Someone apparently pulled out one of the posts of the Cattle Gate where trail users gain access, therefore leaving an open gate for cows to get out.

The land user, who has graciously granted permission to use this land to access the trails located on Mount Proctor, had to repair the gate to avoid losing cows. It's imperative that we respect that this land is primarily cattle grazing land. We don't own the land and must follow the landowner's rules.

If our collective behavior does not improve substantially (NO DOGS and replace and do not damage the cattle fences), we are well on our way to losing access to this area.

We know that there is a very small percentage of trail users who are not respecting the NO DOGS rule and an even smaller percentage interested in damaging the cattle fence. However, you can do your part and help us to enforce these rules by sharing this information with anyone you see engaging in these actions. If the rules aren't followed, our access to this land will be lost.

It is in our hands whether we are going to be able to keep riding in this area. Please help us keep access to the Mount Proctor trails and spread the word!

Thank you,