The Fernie Museum Receives William Fernie Archive

Mabel Mucklow (née Fernie) with her Fernie Uncles – William on right and Peter in centre(Victoria, 1911)

At 1pm September 9, 2013 the Fernie Museum we will be receiving from the Mucklow family an archive of images, personal letters and other documents about and from William Fernie - our town’s namesake. The archive will bring into sharper focus the personality and experiences of William Fernie, who more than anyone else, is the reason why our town exists today.

The Museum, has a lot to celebrate this month as alongside this amazing event it will be celebrating both the completion of its core exhibit and the end of a five-year "Museum Project" renovating and creating its new home at 491 2nd Ave.

The following is a transcript of letter from William Fernie to his sister Mary, from Victoria BC, dated May 17th 1895:

Dear Mary:

I am leaving here in a day or two for Kootenay to go prospecting and exploring on my own account. I have waited here so long hoping that our Railroad would go on at once but I fear that our syndicate cannot raise the funds to go on with.

We were granted a Dominion Government subsidy of $3,200 a mile for a portion of the road but in spite of all we do not make any headway. It is a great disappointment to us.

I have been working for the last eight years for this business and now I am going to start in afresh and try and find something else in the shape of mines that can be easily handled.

I was out stopping with Peter several times this winter. He is in first rate health and looks well for his age.

We are trying to get a Company to start at Saanich on our property to make Portland Cement.

I do not know how we will succeed as times are very dull and monied men are scarce and very cautious just now.

We have had a remarkable fine winter and very warm weather lately.
I hope you are all well and enjoying yourselves.

I have no news to send you as you know no one out here.

With love to all I remain

Yours affectionately

W. Fernie