Fernie, BC Arts Station's Banner Project 2013- Call for Submissions

For the past nine years, Elk Valley artists have added a flair to Fernie, BC's Highway 3 and downtown by adding works of art to banners lining the streets. Now, celebrating its tenth year, the 2013 Banner Project is asking the amazing artists living in the Elk Valley to contribute to this popular project once more.

In total, the Banner Project Committee is looking for 36 works of art to showcase on the 2013 City of Fernie Banners and, just as last year, lampposts along Victoria Avenue will don the various works of art which will reflect our diverse artistic community. All selected art will be showcased on high-quality outdoor banners and will continue to bring interest to our streets while giving profile to the great artistic talent we have in our communities.

Artists are encouraged to submit various artistic mediums, and all ages are welcome! The committee is specifically looking for "bold colours, striking imagery that stands out from a distance, variation in themes and artistic disciplines,” says Project Coordinator, Donna Miller and “it has to be eye-catching to the street-level observer.”

Submissions of paintings, quilts, stained glass, sculpture, pottery and photography are welcome. Artists are asked to submit up to two images maximum and the work must be submitted as a jpeg file on a compact disc. The artwork will need to be cropped to a 1 wide by 2 high ratio. Images that do not fit this ratio may have to be adjusted. Along with these submissions, artists must include a 70 word bio/description – including your name – as a file on the CD.

If an artist needs assistance with creating the digital photograph of their work, they can contact Courtney Baker with The Arts Station at 250-423-4842 or Donna Miller, Project Coordinator at miller_g@hotmail.com and they can put you in touch with a local photographer who is available to help.

Submissions deadline is no later than 3pm on Friday, February 15, 2013. Please drop off a jpeg file and bio/description on CD, with your name written on the disc to the Arts Station before the deadline. No late submissions will be accepted. Further information is available on The Arts Station website at www.theartsstation.com under “Get Involved.”