Tim Williams at the Arts Station

Wednesday, September 11, 2013
At 8pm
Tim Williams at the Arts Station

Members: Adult $15 youth $10 / Non-members: Adult $20 Youth $14
Tickets available at The Arts Station, Freshies, Carosella, and Online.

“Conversation halts, glasses still, and all eyes turn to Tim Williams as the room becomes a train stop on a tour of half-forgotten memories in the collective conscious.” Tim Williams is a blues-based singer, a songwriter, and a talented multi-instrumentalist. He is a veteran of the ‘Roots’ music scene in North America, roots which stretch back to the coffee-house scene of his native California in the mid 60’s. Settling in Canadain the 1970s, Tim is a studio musician, producer, and a performer in constant demand. He has played in concert halls and clubs across the country, from Halifaxto Vancouver Islandand everywhere in-between! www.cayusemusic.com.