Indie Films Fernie Presents: Siddarth at the Vogue Theatre

Event Date: 
Monday, April 7, 2014

Arts Station Members Adults : $9 Youth : $8
Non-Members Adults : $10 Youth : $9

In New Delhi, twelve-year-old Siddharth is sent by his father Mahendra to work in a trolley factory in another province to help support their family, which includes his mother Suman and sister Pinky. Siddharth is supposed to come home in one month for Diwali. When he fails to return or call, his distraught father begins a desperate search to find his missing son.

A chain-wallah by trade (he fixes zippers in the street), Mahendra (Rajesh Tailang) is faced with many obstacles: he has no money, he's illiterate, and, perhaps most heartbreaking of all, he has no photograph of his son. The authorities, who scold an already guilt-ridden man for allowing his son to become a child labourer, believe that Siddharth may have been abducted and trafficked; Mahendra is warned that in a population of more than a billion people, a kidnapped child is virtually untraceable after two days.

Director Richie Mehta deftly brings to life Mahendra's moving, tangled, and often futile-seeming journey with a neorealist touch that transforms it into a genuine human portrait. Mehta sets this quest within a hard-working community that is poor in so many ways, yet rich in family and love. Beautifully paced, the film's emotional spectrum is thoughtfully measured, resulting in deeply felt responses that avoid melodrama.

Indie Films Fernie Presents: Siddarth at the Vogue Theatre