High Roller Poker Ride at All Mountains

Saturday, September 28, 2013
High Roller Poker Ride at All Mountains

An annual event for all Fernie Mountain Bike Club members.

Race route as follows:
Start at the Royal, behind aquatic centre, up River Road Extension to upper entrance of Uprooted, Uprooted to Hyperventilation, down Hypertextsion, Roots Extension, up Ridgemont Road to alternate entrance of Ecoterrorist, Deadfall to four corners, down Oh Dear, right onto Coal Discovery Trial, left onto the power line, power line for ~150 meters, down Cow Trail to rail crossing (no jumping trains please), gravel path/dike around the golf course, under north Fernie bridge, across north Fernie bridge, left onto gravel path, up to Burma road, Fat Bastard, Mushroom Head, Lactic Ridge, Mocassassin, Stupid Traverse, Slunt, Broke Back Ridge, left on Island Lake Road, up Gorby to Oldgoat, Oldgoat to Happy Gilmar, down Happy Gilmar, Sherwoody - Bridgeview Connector. BONUS: up Dem Bones/Mushroom Head, down Red Sonya (please be careful and yield to uphill riders on the lower part of Fat Bastard), down the side of the the helicopter pad field to trial along the river, under West Fernie bridge, back to the Royal via 4th street.

Dinner and prizes to follow, sign up at the club's official website where you can also get a membership if you don't already have one!