Dream Catcher Workshop at the Fernie Arts Station

Sunday, November 24, 2013
At 2-4pm
Dream Catcher Workshop at the Fernie Arts Station

$ 25 (Includes all supplies) ages 6 – 12
To register please call The College of the Rockies (250-423-4691)

Looking for a unique gift for that special someone? – Ever wondered how to make a dream catcher? Join Ojibwa~ Metis Artist Tracey-Mae Chambers for a fun filled afternoon. Dreamcatchers, originating with the Ojibway tribe, are used to ward off bad dreams. Traditionally hung over a child’s cradleboard, the dreamcatcher caught both good dreams and bad dreams. The good dreams filtered down into the sleeping child, but the bad dreams were stuck in the dreamcatcher’s web and were burned off with the first morning light. Construct your very own dream catcher using traditional materials such as willow, leather and sinew. Add a personal touch with special beads, gems and feathers to make it your own! Visit www.traceymae.com to read more about Tracey-Mae and her artwork.