C.R. Avery at The Royal

Event Date: 
Sunday, February 23, 2014

Oh we are in for a treat Fernie!!! So get your ears cleaned out cause you won't want to miss one word, one note coming out of this guy..

What men do with their mouths
for C.R. Avery by P. Smith
cue the frenzied combo of molar and spit.
his tongue touches every chroma on its way to blue.
he’s been rinsing with gravel, flossing with wire
and chewing brick again, he’s been a bad, bad boy.
but he is crackerjack conjurer of washboards and
rubber, even suburb girls welcome the twinging. i
want to nibble yesterday’s corona from his chin, rub
my index finger along the surface of his laugh, pull
the maw open to check the slick road of his throat.
there’s something illegal going on down there, the
sweet keening of ancient instruments. the orchestra
is fidgety, click-hipped, steaming inside that skin.
the boy opens the beauteous and, in gut rendering,
words become both otherwise and everything.

Outlaw Hip-Hop Harmonica Player, Beatbox Poet, Punk Piano Player, String Quartet Raconteur, Rock & Roll Matador, Playwright

$10 @ the door!!!

C.R. Avery at The Royal