Chamber of Commerce Community Open House

Wednesday, August 20, 2014
At 5:00pm
Chamber of Commerce Community Open House

The public is invited to a Community Open House to review and update Development Cost Charge Bylaw No. 1950. Development Cost Charges (DCCs) are fees charged to developers to pay for the costs of expanding and upgrading community infrastructure to meet the needs of growth.

Many infrastructure projects in our community result in benefits to both existing and future development. With this in mind, the City is undertaking an update to the existing DCC Bylaw. Consultants will be on hand to explain the update process and what a Development Cost Charge Bylaw means to our community. Please visit the City website for more information regarding the Development Cost Charge Bylaw update at

For more information please contact Dave Cockwell, Director of Operational Services at 250-423-6817 or via email at