Black Earth and White Knights Finish Last at The Royal

Event Date: 
Saturday, February 8, 2014

After the break up of local horror punk band Conniving Cadavers in late 2009, former lead singer Anthony Janicki decided he wanted to start playing some straight up Rock and/or Roll. So with his friends Erika, Davey, and Glen, he formed a new band called Black Earth. Originally Anthony was going to be the lead singer but soon decided his voice was only fit for backing vocals, and so it was Erika on lead vocals, Glen on bass, Davey on drums, and Anthony on guitar and backup vocals.

Black Earth has spent the past couple years playing all around western Canada and has also released two full length albums; Ammo in 2011, and Dreameater in 2012. Both were recorded at Echo Bass studios.

Glen and Davey ended up leaving the band and were replaced by Tyler Kocian on Bass and Steve Richter on the drums.

With this new line up Black Earth recorded and released a new EP in February of 2013.

Highlights for the band have so far included opening for The Tea Party, opening for Belvedere, opening for The Vibrators, opening for Caught Off Guard’s CD release, recording at Eco Base, getting interviewed on X92.9 FM, going on tour with Caught Off Guard, playing with Bucknife in Kelowna, touring western Canada several times, winning a battle of the bands at a strip club, Anthony almost bleeding to death on stage, smashing several guitars on stage, smashing several televisions on stage, and filming the music video for their song “Ship’s Mast.”

Opening for Black Earth..

Black Earth and White Knights Finish Last at The Royal