Beats Unique Presents Chuzwuzzla at The Central

Friday, February 14, 2014
At 9:00pm
Beats Unique Presents Chuzwuzzla at The Central

The boys of Beats Unique are at it again! Putting on another fabulous par-tay for you lovely people! This week with a friend all zee way from Vancouver!

CHUZWUZZLA // Vancouver, BC

Here we see the wild Chuzwuzzla. Indigenous to the creepiest and freakiest parts of North America. Known for its desire to expunge crowds with a selective use of House, Bass, Funky Breaks, Dub and anything known to express his volcanic booty shaking mating call. The Chuzwuzzla has been spotted in various sites along western Canada, playing and lurking with the likes of Neon Steve, DJ Czech, DJ SOO, Casio-CoPilot, just to name a few.Legend has it that if you stare into its eyes for too long it will melt your hearts and faces