Emily Brydon Youth Foundation Raises $25,000 at the 2013 Golf Tournament

Every fall we help out Fernie's Emily Brydon with the Emily Brydon Youth Foundation's annual fundraiser, a "Golf Tournament" held each September. I use quotes because while it takes place at the Fernie Golf and Country Club, and you indeed do play 18 holes, those holes are comprised of a lot more than golf, and each one is guaranteed to include a lot of laughs!

As the foundation raises money to help the youth in the Elk Valley with the pursuit of their dreams, it only makes sense that the tournament brings out the kid within those playing. From teeing off via T-ball, to being heckled, to trying to swing with a paper bag over your head, to the speed-hole.. the EBYF Golf Tournament is a great opportunity for you and your friends, or you and your co-workers to help a worthy cause while having fun.

Here's a letter from Emily herself after this year's tournament, along with current stats on the foundation. Remember, applications are now being accepted for the winter months. Visit the EBYF Site for more details!

Humbled. Proud. Community. Sustainable
Those are the words that come to mind as I sit here and reflect back on the 8th annual Emily Brydon Youth Foundation Golf Tournament. Raising a whopping $25,000 at this year’s tournament will ensure that we can invest close to $40,000 back into the community for another year.
The EBYF golf day is really so much more than a golf tournament. It is a place for people to come together; a place for laughter and play. A place to meet new people and develop friendships. The annual golf tournament is becoming a staple in people’s busy calendars. It has evolved from a primary fundraiser for the community into something much more. I have heard people say that they first came to the tournament to meet locals and integrate themselves into the community. I have seen incredible passion and spirit when it comes to sponsorship and donations. I believe that the tournament has become a powerful conduit for giving back to the community.

The foundation is so much more than my original vision, and so much bigger than me. It has become an entity that epitomizes community, opportunity and sustainability. The board members exude the same passion they did eight years ago. We have new energy and passion on board which will bring fresh ideas and insights into how we can be better. More than anything the foundation has become a respected “entity” within the Elk Valley.

I am more inspired now than eight years ago when this foundation was created. This foundation has grown legs and is now running strong and smooth. I was always unsure about the sustainability element of it once I retired from sport but the way the community has embraced it has erased any doubt that I had. The Emily Brydon Youth Foundation is a true community foundation that supports youth through sport, arts and education – it doesn’t get any more powerful than that.

Emily Brydon

Current Stats
Money put back into the community: $214,000
Number of kids reached: approximately 600
Activities include:
Free style skiing/Ski racing
Eco Garden Camp
Blue Lake Camp
Art Camp
Provincial School Sports Teams
Class Outings
Piano Lessons