City of Fernie, BC Council Connection December 16, 2013


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1.1 Development Variance Permit No. DVP-342 for #2 Elkview Drive was issued to Bruno Barbir and Lana Bickell. The permit which was issued following the Hearing, legalized the siting and eave projections into the front yard setback to allow for the addition of a mud-room. Staff Report

1.2 Partnering Agreement with Tourism Fernie for a Winter Shuttle Service Council gave notice of their intention to provide assistance to Tourism Fernie for the provision of a winter day/evening local shuttle service between locations within the City of Fernie, West Fernie and Fernie Alpine Resort, for the 2013/14 operating (ski) season with an option for the agreement to be extended to include the 2014/15 and 2.15/16 operating (ski) seasons at the discretion of the City and provide payment of $50,000 per operating season. The agreement will go before Council on January 13, 2013 for consideration of approval and its execution. Staff Report | Partnering Agreement (City of Fernie & Tourism Fernie) | Partnering Agreement (Tourism Fernie & Mountain High Adventures Inc.)

1.3 2014 - 2016 Griz Days Partnering Agreement with the Fernie Chamber of Commerce. Council authorized the execution of the agreement with the Fernie Chamber of Commerce to host the 2014 - 2016 Griz Days Festivals for the annual sum of $15,000. Staff Report | Schedule A - Partnering Agreement

1.4 Parastone Development – Covenants related to Golf on the Coal Creek Lands, Side Car Agreement Options. Council supported in principle the discharging of the Section 219 Covenants registered on title of the development sub areas to eliminate the necessity of constructing an eighteen hole golf course, provided that Parastone Developments submits a draft Reference Plan defining the new Section 219 Covenant area, that is acceptable to Council, that limits the allowable uses to golf course, golf clubhouse, trails and parks and community gardens and agriculture accessible to the public. Staff Report | Parastone - Side Car Agreement Options

2.1 2013 – 2.17 Five Year Financial Plan Amendment Bylaw No. 2233 was adopted. The bylaw relates to the overland flooding event of June 19-21, 2013 in which the Province of British Columbia declared would be eligible for Disaster Financial Assistance. Bylaw No. 2233

3.1 Event Infrastructure - Mobile Stage. Council authorized the purchase of a mobile stage, stage lighting and rigging, with stage branding and accessories for (amount not to exceed) $163,450 (excluding provincial and general sales taxes) from Stageline Mobile Stage Inc. The purchase of this unit will be funded through the provincial Resort Municipality Initiative, under Festival and Event Development as identified in the 2012-2016 Resort Development Strategy. Staff Report | Sales Quote

3.2 2014 Deputy Mayor Appointments. Council appointed the following Councillors as Deputy Mayor for the following months in the event that Mayor Giuliano is unavailable:
• January and February - Councillor Iddon
• March and April - Councillor Krats
• May and June - Councillor Macnair
• July and August - Councillor McSkimming
• September and October - Councillor Ripley
• November and December - Councillor Warshawsky
Staff Report
3.3 2014 Regular Council Meeting Schedule. Council adopted the following schedule of meetings for 2014, cancelling the September 22, 2014 Committee of the Whole and Regular Meetings of Council due to conflict with the Annual UBCM Convention, and changed the meeting dates in December meeting to the 1st (Inaugural Meeting of Council) and the 3rd Monday of the month. Staff Report | 2014 Schedule

Monday 13 | Monday 27 JULY
Monday 14 | Monday 28
Tuesday 11 | Monday 24 AUGUST
Monday 11 | Monday 25
Monday 10 | Monday 24
Monday 8
Monday 14 | Monday 28 OCTOBER
Tuesday 14 | Monday 27
Monday 12 | Monday 26 NOVEMBER
Monday 10 | Monday 24
Monday 9 | Monday 23 DECEMBER
Monday 1 | Monday 15

3.4 RDEK – Local Service (Public Library Service Grants-in-aid) Area Establishment Bylaw, 1990 – Amendment Bylaw No. 3, 2013. Council waived the assent of the electors of the City of Fernie and consented to the adoption of proposed RDEK Bylaw No. 2498. The bylaw amends the provisions of Bylaw No. 931 that establishes the Public Library Grants-in-Aid Service. Staff Report | RDEK Bylaw Amendment


• The City of Fernie is inviting proposals for the development of a comprehensive strategy for our community wide trail system. Click here for more information.
• Winter Parking and Plowing. Click here for more information.
• Holiday Garbage Collection Schedule Change. Click here for more information.
• Next Committee of the Whole and Regular Council Meeting will be on Monday, January 13, 2014 (10am & 7pm respectively).

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