February 13, 2018 Council Connection

Council hears presentations for paving of the Fernie Mountain Park Road, from the Fernie and District Arts Council, the Fernie and District Historical Society, Wildsafe BC and public hearings and discussions of bylaws.

Posted by Fix on Feb 20, 2018

Managing Burnout While Parenting Your Cat

Once upon a time you had a small child in your home. This child loved to be with you, missed you when you were gone, came running into your arms when you returned, and could play with you all day. Though lacking a wagging tail, your small child was basically a dog.

Posted by Kerri Wall on Feb 16, 2018

Letting Go

Letting go of things, while difficult at times, might be pretty fantastic.

Posted by Shelby Cain on Feb 12, 2018

February 2018 Editor's Fix

Albert, you were so right. While it’s important to make it simple, let’s not focus on simpler. 

Posted by Krista Turcasso on Feb 10, 2018

Marsha Churchill

In the early 2000’s I was regularly commuting to Fernie on weekends. With each year, I noticed subtle changes to the downtown. New shops, cafes or restaurants opening their doors, some making it through the off seasons, others not.

Posted by Fix on Feb 05, 2018

January 22, 2018 Council Connection

The Griz visits the mayor, the Fernie Youth Action Network's work plans, the Fernie Judo Club, Bylaws and more.

Posted by Fix on Jan 30, 2018

City of Fernie Regains Access to Arena

Fernie Memorial Arena was returned to the City of Fernie, on January 26, 2018, for the first time following the tragedy in October 2017.

Posted by admin on Jan 29, 2018

A Warm Welcome to Winter

Check out all the wonderful things that are happening in January – from film fests to Freeski, and Nordic races to nightlife, there’s no end of entertainment to enjoy!

Posted by Rebecca Hall on Jan 25, 2018

Make the Most of Time With Your Teen

Perhaps this a wake-up call to hang out more with your own mom and dad.

Posted by Fix on Jan 21, 2018

Fernie Outdooor Rink Schedule, 2018

It's been nearly a month since the opening of the amazing outdoor arena in Fernie, BC. Since then, the space adjacent to the Aquatic Centre has been a hub of activity, for all ages and levels.

Posted by admin on Jan 19, 2018


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