Booked! New Author Series Announced at the Fernie Heritage Library

The Fernie Heritage Library recently announced a collection of new literary events called "Booked! Fernie Writers’ Series." The anticipated series will be held at the historic library space, showcasing some of Canada’s best-loved authors in our mountain town.

EmmaDressler, the library director, is excited about the new series, describing it as, “An amazing opportunity for the whole community. It is not every day you get the opportunity to spend time with authors such as Fallis, Lawrence, Taylor and Bowen. I can’t wait”.

Terry Fallis, CBC Canada Reads 2011 champion, is kicking off the series on November 1st at the Fernie Heritage Library. Fallis is coming to town hot on the heals of his new book Up and Down. He will no doubt have Canada Reads winner Best Laid Plans in tow. Best Laid Plans has spawned a CBC television series of the same name, so be sure to bring some pointed questions about that process for the ever-witty author.

Lined up to complete the series are Grant Lawrence, Timothy Taylor and Gail Bowen. Lawrence is coming December 12th, touring with his newly released The Lonely End of the Rink, chronicling his turbulent and often darkly hilarious relationship with the game of hockey. Taylor and Bowen complete the series in February and April respectively with exact dates to be announced by the library.

Fernie writer and Canada Reads finalist Angie Abdou helped bring the authors on board. “It was easy to get them to come to Fernie, more and more the Canadian literary world is hearing about what a great place we have and how welcoming we are to authors.”

Support for the series came in part from Teck who have a long tradition of support for the arts. Dressler hopes that this is just the first year of something that will become part of Fernie’s cultural fabric.

“I believe that Fernie is poised to become a spot on Canada’s literary landscape,” Dressler said with enthusiasm. “Booked! will help attract authors from across the country to Fernie.”

For further information contact the Fernie Heritage Library
Emma Dressler, Library Director