Shred Kelly has a new CD coming out January, 2015. Check out their latest video release, "Family Oh Family" showcasing their closest as one of Canada's popular touring bands!


Filmed by Dylan Siggers, music by Linden Gigiliotti.


Kyoto, Japan where Emily travelled with her mom, Rosemary.

Emily Brydon is working abroad in China, and shares her most recent experiences and adventures with us!


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"Go to Nanton, buy an ancient weapon from an antique store, get drunk, get into a bar fight and eat a fine burger. Experience Alberta heritage Charles Bronson style."


The 2014 Wam Bam Dirt Jump Jam took place this August, one of Fernie's most popular events of the year and this video shows why!


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I usually stay at the Hotel Arts when in Calgary. Nice rooms, great staff, close to downtown. If it’s good enough for the Dogg it’s good enough for the Bubba.


What's not to love? Shred Kelly and local videographer Dylan Siggers team up as Shred Kelly competes with 11 other BC Bands in the Peak Performance Project! GO SHRED KELLY! You guys rock, as do you, Dylan.


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I hardly miss a visit to this fine place when on the coast. It has transformed some over the years. It was once only a evening spot but after some experimentation with the brunches, it’s now become an all week brunch spot as well.


Fernie Fix Best of Fernie
: Favourite Season - SUMMER!

This Tourism Fernie video shot by the talented Dylan Siggers says it all.