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So, this photo was taken yesterday! Then it snowed another 32cms.

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After the popularity of the list I put together of some of my favourite gift ideas found locally last Christmas, I thought it would be fun and hopefully helpful to do it again this holiday season! Here is part one of this list, with more goodies to follow. And of course, there are so many amazing gifts available in this town, this list just highlights some of my personal favourites. Enjoy!

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Happy Holidays, here's the first of my seasonal playlists. Enjoy and let it snow!

Christmas Time is Here - A Charlie Brown Christmas (Vince Guaraldi Trio)

Winter Song - Sarah Barellies and Ingrid Michaelson

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It's been a while since I last posted a playlist, so it's a long one this time around! Nothing like some fantastic music to compliment a beautiful fall - enjoy!

The Lumineers - "Stubborn Love"

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Wapiti is here at last! Here is a little teaser to get you pumped up for Fernie's popular Canadian Indie music festival - see you there!

Stellar Radio Choir - Confessions (Of a Paranoid Schizophrenic)

The Boom Booms - Delivered

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Fernie Half Marathon, 2011

We take for granted so much in life, but in all reality it's impossible to be aware of everything. From the moment we wake up to the minute we fall asleep, we come across many individuals offering their services, support and abilities to help us not only get through the day but to enjoy it. While some may not be on a volunteer basis, I'm guessing if you look back through your interactions a large portion of it is.

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Just what is so great about Canada Day Weekend in Fernie? Where do we begin...

It all starts off with the Furious3 Mountain Bike race. This event is in its second year and draws mountain bike enthusiasts from near and far to Fernie's renowned singletrack. From locals enjoying their first race experience, to national athletes such as Melanie McQuaid and Mical Dyck pushing their limits, it's exciting to say the least and takes Fernie by storm.

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Recovering from a running injury (yes, that's correct - running injury. don't get me started) alongside rainy, grey weather can really put a "damper" on one's mental state of mind. So how have I pushed through this double whammy? Here's a quick list!

Gardening. Who knew it could be so rewarding! I have herb planters that are thriving with the additional attention they are receiving, and my garden is budding into a soon-to-be edible masterpiece... at least by my standards.

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This morning I decided to play my iTunes library on shuffle - here are a few of the songs that made an appearance! Enjoy this beautiful, sunny day in Fernie, BC.

Mountain Sound - Of Monsters and Men

Gun-Shy Sunshine - Silversun Pickups

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Two weeks ago, prior to my first race of the season, I was sitting in Paul Attalla's office reading Explore magazine. There was a feature on female cyclist Emily Batty, currently vying for one of the two spots available for Canada's Women's Cross Country Mountain Bike team (alongside Catherine Pendrel and Marie-Helene Premont).

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Day one of the Furious3 with Magnus Leckenby on my tail.

It was the night before the TransRockies, and Aaron McConnell (event organizer) was doing a "last call for race entries". He was counting down from five, and I reached him right as he said "the 2012 TransRockies is now closed!" I pleaded my case, and being Aaron he signed me up.

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Spring has sprung in full force the last few weeks, and riding has begun to take shape. When the wet weather hit hard, I had to be creative to get my rides in (I am definitely learning the pros and cons of a mid-May race) and as some of you may know, I am not a fan of roads. Even double track sends me for a loop, so I've been on the hunt for dry singletrack.

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Over the last week I have been skipping the roads and the Wigwam and exploring in town. Here is what I've found so far!

River Road is good to go, and adds more climbing to your ride than Cokato to Morrissey or Elko.

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One of my favourite weeks of the ski season has come and gone, and it was definitely one for the books.

The brain child of Kieran Summers, (many that know him refer to him as the godfather of Hot Dog Day), this popular event began roughly 13-14 years ago when a he decided to get a crew together to mimic those donning the screens in classic ski movies such as Hot Dog the Movie and Aspen Extreme. Not surprisingly, the trend gained momentum and years later it continues to be a highlight of the winter season.

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Like many in our community, I bike a lot. My feet are often found in tight, plastic shells in all types of weather - freezing cold, wet and muddy, hot and clammy... the result is not pretty. And this is me justifying my need to "pamper" them regularly.

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It's been a while since I last posted a playlist, and what better day than the first day of Spring while working on our Summer Guide? Spring is definitely not in the air in Fernie - a multitude of snow is currently accumulating on the ground outside, but here's to its swift arrival.

Sixteen Saltines - Jack White

Main Street - Deer Tick

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This weekend it was on - Winter Wheezer hosting Saturday, Breast Buddy fundraising Sunday and Monday. How did I find myself in this predicament? Let's just say I turned off the "I'm too busy" excuse and stepped it up to get behind two events that mean a lot to me.

Rebecca, Abi and myself at the finish line

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Picture 6_4.png
~ Environment Canada, Sparwood weather station

The snow hasn't stopped since our last report, but instead of 70cms in one go, it's spread itself out with 10 or 20cm days here and there and one massive 39cm day just yesterday. Snow is in the forecast today and this evening, followed by a little sunshine and Vitamin D!

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I pull the 20cm rule when I can, and am sometimes on my own trying to get in as many runs as possible before heading back to the office. The key is good music - there's nothing quite like an untracked run and the perfect song to accompany it.

Here are some songs that made appearances during the last week of multiple 20cm rule days!

15 Step by Radiohead

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This week has at times felt like a dream, maybe because I have woken each morning to Richard looking out the window, or sneaking downstairs in the darkness of early winter mornings to check the snow report. Tuesday, I was a little grumpy at this 5, 6, and final 7am wake up call. But with 43cms overnight, and it continuing to dump, I didn't protest heading to the hill at 8:15am. Yes, that's right. We were at the chairlift by 8:30am, the lifties were still shoveling out a place for us to put our skis!

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At long last - SNOW! And lots of it. Fernie was buzzing this last week and the excitement continues with promising forecasts. While cold temperatures may accompany this next storm, not even -25 will deter powder enthusiasts.

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A few years ago I felt run down and toxic. I was working too much, going through stressful and emotional situations and instead of attempting balance I pushed myself harder and harder. It seems as though stress is the most toxic force in my life and at the time didn't recognize it until... well until I needed to do something serious!

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A few years ago a back injury surfaced and I thought I was done running for good. As I slowly strengthened and learned from the injury, I realized that cross training was actually beneficial and preventative. Last winter I dusted off the runners and gradually running found its place back on my priority list... especially when a friend signed me up for a 20km leg in a crazy spring race! Of course, once biking season began it completely took over and running had to wait until fall.

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This weather has us thinking about summer! Check out this new Fernie Tourism video by Nic Genovese.