Working Out with a Partner

Training with a partner can help motivate you by making you more accountable and your workout more fun. Here are five challenging exercises you can try together next time you are in the gym, you will need a 5 to 10 lb medicine ball:

  1. Plank high fives: Start in a plank position (on forearms and toes with body in a straight line shoulder to knee). Face each other and lift opposite arms to high five.  Keep alternating arms until one partner fails. If you experience any lower back discomfort, lift hips or drop to your knees!
  2. Back bridge dips:  Make a bridge with your hands behind you, hips off the ground and knees bent to 90 degrees. Have your partner place his or her hands on your knees, and then bend and straighten arms behind him or her as many times as possible. Switch places and repeat.
  3. Medicine ball V-sit abs:  Sit side-by-side and lean back as far as you can. To make it harder lift your feet. Toss a medicine ball back and forth and tap it to the floor outside of your hip before tossing it back to your partner. Twist your upper body while keeping your legs still. Do 10 reps and then rotate to the other side and repeat.
  4. Lunge medicine ball toss:  Face your partner, and then both of you step forward and bend into a lunge position. While holding the lunge, one of you tosses the medicine ball to the other. Both step back up so feet are together and then lunge forward with the other leg and repeat. Do as many as you can.
  5. Squat:  Get into a push up position, have your partner grab your feet, place them at his or her hips and squat bending and straightening legs keeping knees in line with toes. Optional: do a push up between each squat! Do as many as you can and then switch.

Make sure your exercises are pain free and you are always able to talk. Get a five-minute warm up in prior to starting (brisk walking or range of motion exercises) and repeat the list two to three times for a full body workout!