• Great Rides for Every Level in Fernie

    Fernie has been known as a mountain biking mecca for some time, but what many do not know is the growth of trails being developed or revised to provide opportunities to the younger cohort of riders, or those new to the sport.

  • Madi Bragg

    Bestowed with two green thumbs and a passion for growing her own food, Madi Bragg embraces cold-climate gardening at her home in Fernie. 

  • Pad Thai

    Bring some of Thailand’s flavour and perhaps its summer sun into your kitchen with this dish.

  • Whitefish, Montana Spring Getaway

    Every spring to kickstart the bike season, I head somewhere fun to explore new trails and enjoy a different community. Whitefish, Montana is a favourite and with a continually expanding trail network and close in proximity to Fernie, a few of us decided to set off to enjoy a weekend away in this mountain town just south of the border.

  • Fernie Potter's Guild

    One of the core values of the studio is education and community involvement, for both adults and children.

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events