• Wake Surfing

    Holy moly, I'm actually wake surfing. The water beneath me splashes white with turquoise blue, my friends cheer for me from the back of the boat – this lake life is a good life.

  • Clear Your Mind, and the Rest Will Follow

    More and more businesses are adopting mindfulness strategies into their operations, companies like Google, General Mills, Intel, and Goldman Sachs. The research is showing this investment leads to an improvement in innovative thinking, to better communication skills, and to more appropriate reactions to stress. 

  • Mine Films

    “Go big or go home” was instilled in Rory Hinds as a young South Africa skateboarder. An ethos that he carries through into adulthood. As a Filmmaker, Rory saw small cameras on flying machines and jumped at the opportunity to get his expensive cinema camera in the air.

  • Shannon Takacs

    It's been over a year since my Nana's passing, yet Shannon has me opening up and sharing my experience over a coffee at Mug Shots. Both of us in tears. And immediately I feel grateful for the new services she is bringing to town, as I know it will help many families going through this experience immensely.

  • Cheers to Charity! Goes for Gold

    Fernie Brewing Co.’s “Cheers to Charity!” (CTC) program is breaking records like it’s Rio. With summer being peak beer consumption season, this popular charitable donation program has certainly raised the bar of late, creating quite the stir with some outstanding PR’s.

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Upcoming Events