134cm of Snow and Counting

This week has been epic on multiple levels. It has snowed 143cm plus over the last seven days. It's the week leading up to the holidays. And the world was supposed to end. Well, we're all here and there's snow and celebrating to be done, and Fernie, BC is the place to do it!

The week started off with a large 35cm dump Monday eve. Waking up early to grab one of the first few chairs was a must, and rewarding. Cheers from the lift above motivated you to ski through the burn as you skied Boom Ridge top to bottom, ready for your second or eighth lap!
Fernie Dec 18th.JPG
Photo by Robin Siggers, December 18, 2012

For those of us that snuck away from our desks, playing the 20cm card, we anticipated compensating by working harder the remainder of the week. Well, the Griz had other plans... another 37cm of plans falling Wednesday evening! Up to the hill we went (If we were lucky) and the faceshots and cheers continued. The Fernie Ski Patrol worked hard and managed to open the entire hill, including the Polar Peak lift by mid afternoon!
Screen shot 2012-12-20 at 8.17.36 AM_0.png

As the predicted end of the world neared, snow continued to fall with at least 26cm of freshies to be had this morning for those lucky individuals that made their way up there. Me, I'm waiting for the Peak to open. While first tracks again and again (and again) on Cedar Ridge and King Fir are AWESOME, I would like nothing more than to ski an untracked line from Polar Peak to the Big Three. Merry Christmas indeed!

Official Mountain Weather Forecast - Fernie Alpine Resort, 9:15am December 21, 2012
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