• Andy Coe - Giv’ Er Shirt Works

    Andy decided she needed to travel, arriving in Fernie and soon discovering the retail industry is somewhere where she can be creative and help others. Two things she revels in. 

  • We All Have Stories to Tell

    Story telling isn't just useful for film festivals or campfires as businesses are beginning to learn the value too.

  • Jeff Demaniuk

    Not knowing whether he or his brother would follow in his father's footsteps, this resident is happy to continue the legacy at Fernie Brewing Company.

  • Book Some Time in Fernie

    There is no question, Fernie locals and visitors love being outside. Whether it’s sitting in a hot tub and looking at the Three Sisters decked in snow-white dresses or it’s bombing down a trail on planks or fat tires, enjoying the outdoors is part of the Fernie DNA.

  • Nordic Skiing

    There is no shortage of sports, activities, events, and athletes in the Elk Valley. It is not uncommon to see athletes of every age participating and competing in multiple races and competitions throughout all of our four seasons. This winter we thought we would highlight some of our local sports teams and organizations.

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