• Risk

    Do you want your children to always to be careful? Maybe tell them, “Take risks,” or, “Push yourself,” or, “Change the world.”

  • Alex Duckworth

    Hailing from a small fishing village in Nova Scotia, having spent years travelling the world hitting massive half pipes, Alex decided earlier this year to resign from the National Team and is deciding what life will bring next.

  • A Fine Balance

    An adrenaline rush can come not only from high intensity activities but also from engaging in anything you are passionate about – getting a good grade on a test, reading an awe-inspiring book, meeting new friends, helping others, cooking, travelling, or hucking your meat off cliffs.

  • Generation Junky

    Fernie Mountain Bike Club's rad mini adrenaline junkies adventures available this summer.

  • Training for Adrenaline Sports

    The high risk, high reward nature of adrenaline sports means you need to be at the top of your game and train like a professional athlete if you want to excel in your sport.

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